Immersion (Inmersión)

On a remote, beautiful lake in Chile, a father (played by the great Alfredo Castro) and his two daughters are sailing to visit the family’s vacation home, which is falling apart from years of neglect. As his daughters nap on deck in the mid-day sun, the father sees a group of men on a small boat that seem to be in distress, and calling for help. Paranoid to a fault, the father turns his sailboat in the other direction, but his daughters awaken and call him out for his lack of compassion. Shamed by his daughters, the father returns to help the men, who board his sailboat. One of the men is now missing and feared drowned. A tense search ensues, in which an ugly fear festers between all parties, and circumstances are set in motion that cannot be reversed. (87 mins / Drama, Thriller / Language: Spanish with English subtitles)